There are many different approaches to health and wellbeing, and it may seem a little challenging to find the one that is right for you.

Using the navigation menu above,  you can learn a little more about each type of Natural Therapy and how it might help you.

At the bottom of each page is a link to all the listed practitioners or Service providers in that field. Feel free to contact any practitioner to find out more.

Good Questions to ask:

Ask what how the particular approach might help you? Be prepared with a little information about what you are seeking assistance with.

Has the practitioner had previous experience with your situation and how did it help others?

Is the practitioner a member of a professional association? These types of associations require members maintain standards of education and to stay up to date with latest information.

How much for the service and how long? It will give you piece of mind to establish these things upfront. Agree to assess you progress after a set period of time.

Always feel free to ask questions, it is your body, mind, spirit and you want to give it the best care possible.

Always regard your first visit to a new practitioner as an exploratory one. A chance to explain your history, be assessed, and for you to assess the practitioner. Only proceed if you feel confident in the practitioner and their advice.- Dr Ian Gawler, OAM, BVSc, MCouns&HS

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