Relaxation and meditation are integral to hypnosis which can help move you beyond emotional and physical pain and uncertainty towards peace of mind. 

Hypnotherapy is invaluable for relieving chronic pain, overcoming phobias, calming for dental work, preparing for a pain free childbirth, reducing self destructive addictions, fears, anger, stress and sexual issues. It can be useful to alter undesired behaviours such as eating disorders and improve weight loss. Hypnosis can help you regain mental clarity in the midst of emotional turmoil, build confidence and improve sports performance.

 Men or women with relationship problems, people looking for career direction, people seeking to lose weight or quit smoking, or resolve addictions, phobias, anxiety and depression can all find benefit with hypnosis

Hypnotherapy can induce a day dream state of relaxation so the subconscious creative mind is allowed to observe and absorb without conscious, critical analysis.  The practitioner can empower people to improve self effectiveness, develop feelings of wellbeing, focus concentration and build self esteem.