Change from anxiety to calm by changing the way you breathe.

These techniques can help you quickly reduce anxiety and improve oxygen flow to the brain which helps you to think and behave in a calmer way. The aim is to take your body’s response from adrenaline charged to peace and release.

  • Look in the mirror. Place one hand on your chest and one on your lower rib cage and take a breath. Observe whether your chest rises or your ribs expand sideways. When most of the movement is chest upwards sometimes even raising the shoulders, your breathing  will increase feelings of anxiety or pressure.
  • Stand with your feet a little wider than your hips. Gently bend knees slightly. Cross your arms gently and lean forward with rounded shoulders. Then imagine breathing the air through a sizeable hole in your back. Can you feel your rib cage moving sideways as the air enters?
  • Stand up straight again and place your right hand on your right rib cage. And left hand on the side of your left rib cage. Very gently push the rib cages together and take a breath using the air to push the rib cage out to the side again. Then take in your breath and breathe out slowly through your mouth making a sighing, a deep hom or a shushing sound. Eventually you will find you can breathe in and out through the nose. But first practice breathing out through the mouth.  Take 10 seconds to completely finish breathing in and out.
  • Once you have mastered these imagine you have a little skier on your nose on a ski slope with white undulating snow sloping gently down before you and tall pine trees on either side. Place your right hand on your lower rib cage and your left hand against your lower left rib cage. And lower your arms against the body. Tale a breath and start the sighing or shushing sound through your mouth. The little skier takes off the sound can become the sound of skies as they take off through the snow into the wide open country side.
  • Freedom and exhilaration, experience the clean air and the feeling of freedom. Aim for the sounds to take 10 seconds.
  •  This exercise can take about 5 minutes but if you feel dizzy resume natural breathing. Repeat the exercises several times a day and evaluate the difference it makes to the way you feel.
  • Need more help please contact Elizabeth Schiemer at Salamander Bay Natural Health Services.

Written by Salamander Bay Natural Health Services

Anyone seeking Elizabeth's help can discuss a wide range of issues that may affect their lives. She provides a truly holistic service because she brings knowledge of health issues and an academic knowledge of cultural and religious beliefs to her work as a Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. Elizabeth is a Registered Nurse with many years experience who also achieved Advanced Diploma of Art from The University of New England and The University of Sain Malaysia, including English Literature, Australian and Indian History, Asian Art and Religions in her academic studies. This enabled her to see how beliefs and cultural context affect our lives. She studied for her Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis with Dr. Alan Fahey and the College of Medical Hypnosis. Elizabeth studied Meta Coaching and NLP, Meta States and Time Line Therapy with Dr Michael Hall and the International Association of Neurosemantics and studied Erickson Hypnosis and Conversational Hypnosis with Igor Ledochowski. Elizabeth has worked in hospitals and managed a child care service. She has worked as an International Medical Escort for ill and injured travellers, for people with epilepsy, people with intellectual and physical disabilities and in aged care. Elizabeth studied Cert 1V Alcohol and Other Drugs and worked with people affected by addictions. Elizabeth has experienced a number of health issues in her own life that has motivated her to take responsibility and find the most natural beneficial and least intrusive options for healing enabling her to walk and work again. She experienced Ian Gawler’s Foundation at the Yarra Valley Living Centre and learnt that a healthy life requires more than good diet and exercise for emotional health and an awareness of meaning in our life motivate us to overcome the many problems that come our way. A skilled practitioner in the science of mind-body medicine she provides a valuable service.