Healing Hands

Spiritual Healing works with the aspects of our human experience that are beyond this material world, it supports our soul and our spirit. It relates to our deepest sense of meaning and purpose in life and all that we hold sacred.

Spiritual Healing Practitioners have spent many years developing their perceptive abilities to access often hidden realms of human consciousness. Most practitioners align themselves with benevolent beings that support their work.

Energetic Healing involves working with subtle energy fields that are present in all aspects of life. Practitioners primarily work with the energy fields of the body, including Chakras, Meridians and auric fields.

Generally Energetic Healing employs gentle non-invasive techniques that restore balance to the energy fields of the body. It can support people at challenging times in life, with stress or depression and provide additional support to medical treatments.

Practitioners of Spiritual and Energetic healing must be affiliated with a relevant Professional Body to be a member of the PSCHSA.

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